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We will be offering 1000 Sushis for presales for our whitelist members 24 hours prior to our public release

Welcome to
Sushis NFT

Welcome to Sushis NFT

It was a revolutionary kitchen experiment – a culinary masterpiece. In the hopes of creating an infinite source of food, 10,000 sushis have been served onto the blockchain. They might be inedible, but that doesn’t mean they are useless.

The thoughts of utility started to manifest immediately. Sure, an infinite source of physical food hadn’t been created, but there was definitely still a way to feed the population with virtual sushi.


With that, Sushis was born, a collection of deliciously tempting NFTs that merges real-world utility with virtual ownership. It’s a revolutionary concept that gives holders a chance to really cash-in on their NFTs, allowing them to dine out and let the blockchain pay the bill.


Sushis are a 10,000-strong generative art collection, made up of unique traits and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.


Alongside the great visuals, what sets our collection apart from the rest is the chance for real-world utility.


Using our $FOODIE token, our project benefits the everyday person, by focusing on things we all love to do – dine out, earn and save money.





-aka maple founder & lead project manager